There are several ways to test for allergies: the scratch test, punch or prick test, inhalation and ingestion tests, intradermal tests and RAST (Radioallergoabsorbent Test) done on the patient’s blood sample. In our office, we do titration testing using the intradermal method and the RAST method because we feel they are the most scientific and are the safest procedures available. We have multiple dilutions of our allergens that are used in testing. The intradermal test is done by injecting a minute amount of the allergen just under the skin. The resulting wheal resembles a small mosquito bite.

After about 10 minutes of observation, an increase in size generally indicates a positive reaction to that dilution. The number of tests required will depend upon a patient’s detailed history and upon the test reactions. RAST involves taking a sample of blood from the patient and using a sophisticated laboratory procedure for allergy determination. A few intradermal tests are then used to correlate the results and institute treatment. Several techniques are available to test for food allergy as well. All treatments will be explained in detail if you are to undergo testing. By establishing the end-point dilution, we are able to reach the level of optimum relief of allergy symptoms more rapidly. We are also able to recheck the end-point dilution when we fail to obtain optimum relief in a reasonable period of time.